Federal Manager's Daily Report

In its testimony before the House civil service subcommittee,

the Office of Personnel Management said it was disappointed


that the many tools and flexibilities it has granted to

agencies have been used infrequently.

It said it recently shared hiring fixes with chief human

capital officers, such as the use of a category rating

system to increase the number of qualified candidates

including vets who are presented to managers for hire,

sending recruiters to college campuses, and offering

“talent” incentives to attract exceptional people.

It said it promotes hiring flexibilities and federal

employment opportunities for veterans, minorities and

other qualified job seekers and noted that agencies, not

OPM, do their own hiring.

OPM announced another job fair as well, to be held on

June 26 in Chicago and said it was encouraging agencies

to “stock” the fair with officials empowered to hire to

take advantage of direct hiring authority for critical

jobs in medicine, IT and other hard to fill positions.