Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Mark Van Scyoc/Shutterstock.com

This year’s Combined Federal Campaign will begin September 9, OPM has said in its annual memo asking agencies to support it.

“The success of the CFC is due; in no small part, to the dedicated service of federal leaders who administer the campaign within their agencies and in 36 CFC zones around the world. I strongly encourage you to allow select employees from your department or agency to serve on the local federal coordinating committee (LFCC) in geographic areas where your organization has a substantial presence. A strong LFCC is the foundation of a successful local campaign,” a memo from acting director Margaret Weichert said.


“Please encourage CFC leaders from among your employees to serve in this and other leadership opportunities such as CFC campaign managers, loaned executives, coordinators, and key workers to the extent permissible during and after the open solicitation period. These positions are often a great way to develop professional skills, such as public speaking, financial accountability, and expertise in building public-private sector partnerships. Leadership and service within the CFC also can help augment the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to advance to more senior level positions and eventually, into Senior Executive Service positions,” she wrote.

Participation in the annual official federal workplace charity drive has been declining steadily for many years in the number of donors and amount donated, leading OPM in recent years to stress the option to pledge volunteer time in addition to, or instead of, monetary donations.

OPM also reminded agencies that events such as bake sales and chili cook-offs that traditionally were used as fund-raisers still can be held to promote awareness of the campaign but no donations can be collected since the CFC no longer accepts cash. It also again encouraged use of a central online donations system (www.opm.gov/showsomelovecfc) although “for employees who may not have access to or decide not to use the electronic giving system, we also will continue to make a paper pledge for available through the 2021 campaign year.”