Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has told agencies to report by January 31 on their use of official time—what the administration calls “taxpayer-funded union time”—in fiscal 2019, meanwhile reminding them of provisions in the now-effective executive orders telling them to restrict its amounts and allowable uses in any new contracts and requiring more detailed reporting than in the past.

“If an agency’s aggregate union time rate (i.e., the average of the union time rates in each agency bargaining unit, weighted by the number of employees in each unit) has increased overall from the last reporting year (FY 2016), the agency shall explain this increase,” a memo says.


One of the orders “also requires agencies to develop and implement a system to monitor the use of taxpayer-funded union time to ensure that it is used only for authorized purposes. If your agency does not have a monitoring system, please begin the process of implementation,” it adds.

OPM also called on agencies to report by December 13 on their telework programs for the annual report on that. “Telework is an important flexibility that can be used to meet a variety of agency human capital and budgetary objectives. OPM is committed to supporting the expansion of telework and assisting agencies to meet their goals,” a separate memo says.

However, several agencies have moved in new contract negotiations with unions to restrict the terms of telework that they previously had agreed to.