Federal Manager's Daily Report

Performance evaluations are “a pain point for everyone involved,” in part because three-fourths of agencies are using decades-old paper-based processes, according to a posting on the OPM site recommending that agencies use its online USA Performance system.

“Managers and staff often have to spend considerable time focusing on the process rather than the meaningful conversations necessary to improve performance. Not surprisingly, when surveyed, few federal staff or managers say they like doing performance appraisals,” it says.


Agencies that have attempted to automate their systems have encountered problems in adapting standard software, and there is an “array of systems that do not talk to each other, do not comply with the unique requirements of the federal service, and require each agency to reinvent this wheel separately by paying for customization,” it added.

It said that USA Performance was designed around the needs of managers and employees and can accommodate every type of federal performance plan or program. Also, “the team of HR experts behind the program is agile in adapting the needs of federal agencies quickly into new system enhancements.”

“USA Performance will also enable the government to more actively and assertively manage employee performance, driving increased accountability, helping defend and execute performance-based actions to remove non-performers, and serving as a key driver for other transformative initiatives such as pay-for-performance,” it says.