Federal Manager's Daily Report

Under the Office of Personnel Management’s qualifications

for general schedule positions, degrees obtained from


schools designated non-accredited/pending are acceptable

provided certain conditions are met.

Though such schools have not been accredited by an institution

recognized by the Department of Education they offer a

curriculum for advanced learning similar to accredited schools

and have been granted “pre-accreditation,” or “candidacy”

status, which would indicate significant legitimacy, said OPM.

It said employees or applicants could be required to provide

written documentation of a school’s status prior to the agency

judging if the education qualifies for federal recognition

or assistance.

Credits given for “life experience,” are valid if the conferring

educational institution identifies the course work area or

courses for which credit was granted and a direct link can be

established between the course syllabus and the credit granted.

Courses not in a school’s catalog are unacceptable unless the

credit is granted as a prerequisite for more advanced courses

in the curriculum, said OPM.