Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has called on agencies to prepare to report on their use of rotational assignments for those at the SES, senior level and senior scientific or professional employees in fiscal 2020.

A memo tells agencies to designate a point of contact for providing data OPM is seeking on the number of such rotations and the type of rotation (such as a developmental assignment or a detail to another position), broken down by the numbers within and outside the agency and other details.


The data call arises under an Obama administration executive order setting a government-wide goal of having 15 percent of SES members take rotational assignments in each fiscal year, although not setting agency-specific goals. OPM said it will share “results and pertinent guidance” after the data are collected.

OPM has issued several memos since that time encouraging the use of rotation programs in general, including one last fall focusing on rotational programs for positions in cybersecurity.

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