Federal Manager's Daily Report

Employees at the Office of Personnel Management have won five

competitive sourcing competitions representing 247 full-time


jobs over the course of a month, OPM has announced.

It said it completed two A-76 streamlined competitions for

its occupational health nurse and laborer activities, that

OPM employees won all four competitively sourced job functions,

and that the laborer competition saved it $176,459, and the

health nurse competition saved $344,661.

It said under an A-76 streamlined competition involving ten

or fewer employees, the cost of government performance is

compared with the estimated contractor cost over five years.

The contractor cost reflects fully loaded labor rates from

existing federal contracts comparable to federal positions.

OPM says it completed similar A-76 competitions for its test

administration and warehousing activities last October

representing 180 full time positions and that it would likely

save $10 million over five years as a result.

Six more competitions are underway: network management, mail

services, employee benefits, billing and collecting, trust

fund accounting, and administrative accounting activities,

all scheduled to be completed by the end of April. An A-76

standard competition of clerical/technical and administrative

support positions affecting 163 FTE positions is to be decided

by end of August, said OPM.