Federal Manager's Daily Report

In what it called a meeting to further the ongoing effort to

construct a contemporary HR system that protects merit


principles, the Office of Personnel Management met with

Department of Homeland Security stakeholders to brief them

on proposed regulations to overhaul personnel practices at

that department.

OPM said a special meeting will be conducted soon for veterans

who may be affected by the new regulations. Additional

discussions with participants in the meeting will take place


Participants in the meeting included Steve Kelman of Harvard’s

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Neil McPhie of the

Merit Systems Protection Board, Susan Meisinger, President of

the Society for Human Resources Management, John Palguta of

the Partnership for Public Service, and over 35 attendees from

a wide array of organizations and institutions, including the

American Federation of Government Employees, the Fraternal

Order of Police, the International Association of Fire Fighters,

the National Federation of Federal Employees, American

University, George Mason University, the Federal Labor

Relations Authority, the Federal Managers Association and the

Senior Executives Association, said OPM.