Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has asked agencies to support the upcoming Combined Federal Campaign, the only official charity drive in the federal workplace, adding that this year’s drive will have new features that will need to be communicated to employees.

“I recommend allowing your employees to serve as CFC loaned executives, coordinators, and keyworkers to the extent permissible during the campaign period, as well as encouraging employees to serve on their Local Federal Coordinating Committees. These positions are often a great way to develop professional skills, such as public speaking, financial accountability, and expertise in building public-private sector partnerships,” acting OPM director Kathleen McGettigan said in a memo to agencies.

The campaign, which will run October 2-January 12, will for the first time allow employees to pledge time as well as money–about which more guidance is coming, the memo said–and will further allow retirees to make ongoing donations from their annuities. Also, those newly hired outside a CFC campaign season now will be able to begin contributing immediately.

Further, pledges will be made through a centralized system that “will replace CFC modules in Employee Express and myPay, as well as a variety of local systems” as which will “help to streamline the process for federal shared services and payroll providers — they will disburse funds to one organization instead of over 120 organizations as required by the prior regulations,” the memo said.

It said the changes–which have long been in the works, based on recommendations of a commission–also will make paperless giving universally available and will increase transparency.

However, cash donations will no longer be accepted at CFC events. “Instead special events will focus on increasing employee awareness of CFC charities and their mission, not cash fundraising (such as bake sales),” the memo said.