Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has encouraged agencies to use rotational programs for employees in cybersecurity occupations “to build and continue to mature the capabilities of a pipeline of cybersecurity talent and leaders.”

“A rotational assignment can be a temporary developmental assignment within the employee’s agency, another component of the agency, or in another federal agency that provides the employee the opportunity to learn and grow. During rotational assignments, individuals can develop knowledge, skills, and abilities and learn to adapt in a new role,” a memo says.

Agencies benefit as well, it says, because they “benefit from the new skills and perspective the employee develops. Cybersecurity rotations support organizational objectives with cybersecurity education, training, workforce development, and retention. Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for federal employees to be reskilled and upskilled.”

The memo calls attention to three rotational programs that include cybersecurity assignments: the President’s Management Council Interagency Program, the Cybersecurity Reskilling Detail Program, and the Federal Cybersecurity Rotation Program.

The memo also includes standards for agencies to follow when developing their own program, including that such assignments should be handled in the same manner as other interagency details or assignments; that they typically be for 120 days with an option for an additional 120 days; and that the lending and receiving entities coordinate on matters such as performance evaluations.

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