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OPM has given agencies more time to comply with a 2020 Trump administration executive order on assessing candidates for federal jobs, one of the personnel policies from that period that the Biden administration has left in place.

That executive order downplayed the role of educational credentials in job qualifications and the role of self-evaluations in assessing job candidates. It also told agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies for assessing candidates.


OPM last May had told agencies to continue those efforts through the end of the year and in that time many agencies “have made some great progress” in implementing the policies, OPM said, adding that it is tracking compliance through its hiring assessment and selection outcome dashboard.

Its new memo says that agencies are to comply with those requirements in at least half of the instances in which they assess individuals for jobs by May 30 and to be in full compliance by December 31.

“OPM will work with your agency assessment leads and hold quarterly meetings to check on your progress,” OPM said, adding that it is “finalizing the guidance for this EO, which will be issued soon,” it said in a memo.

Outside bodies such as the MSPB have questioned reliance on self-assessments as creating an incentive for candidates to over-rate themselves and have said that over-reliance on educational credentials can freeze out candidates who are otherwise well qualified, including in fields such as IT where candidates may have certifications rather than college degrees.

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