Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has called attention to the availability of work-life balance programs in federal agencies, saying that by supporting such programs, “agency leadership communicates the value of employee well-being and the importance of a healthy federal workforce.”

A memo noting that October is National Work and Family Month said that OPM considers work-life programs such as worksite health and wellness, family and dependent care, employee assistance programs and telework to be “one of the major drivers of employee engagement.”


“When employees know their overall well-being is highly valued by their employer, they are more likely to feel and exhibit a sense of commitment to the organization. Work-life supports may range from promoting workplace flexibilities that allow employees to balance work and other life responsibilities, to offering back-up dependent care services which may help ease caregiving burdens and allow employees to remain focused,” it said.

OPM said that in addition to continuing to provide resources on current programs, it is planning to offer resources to help agencies support nursing employees, research on agency responses to rising dependent care needs, a training course for new EAP coordinators, and a webinar on telework and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.