Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has issued the second and final phase of its biennial call for agencies to make their cases for adding to the limited numbers of allowed SES, senior level and senior professional positions.

The final submissions, due within 60 days, are for positions for fiscal 2020-21. OPM in December had required agencies to submit preliminary information by the end of that month although it allowed agencies extra time as needed due to the partial government shutdown that started December 21.

Said a memo to agencies, “OPM expects agencies to be judicious in making requests for additional allocations. Agency biennial reviews should include a thorough evaluation to ensure effective utilization of all existing allocations. Accordingly, priority will be given to requests based upon new or changed legislation, or unforeseen exigent needs. Additionally, agencies will be required to address vacancy rates at or exceeding 8 percent.”

OPM said it is eliminating a requirement to provide position descriptions, detailed roles of each position and the requirement to prioritize those positions.

That was done to focus on “the specific requirement resulting in the need for additional allocations, rather than a detailed analysis of the proposed position. Additionally, we will complete a comprehensive review of the agency’s vacant allocations. This reduces the amount of information agencies are required to provide OPM, while focusing on the strategic requirement for increasing executive allocations,” it said.