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OPM has issued a “Pathways to the Senior Executive Service Toolkit” for agencies to use in hosting Executive Women in Motion programs targeted at employees at the GS 13-15 levels for potential advancement into the SES.

In a memo to agencies, OPM said that as of last June, women accounted for 37 percent of the 8,000 SES members—in contrast to the 44 percent government-wide—and that “hosting programs such as EWIM help expand opportunities to increase diversity among federal senior leaders.”


Executive Women in Motion programs are full day sessions that include a local SES keynote speaker, a presentation on meeting qualifications standards for the SES, flash mentoring with SES mentors, and networking. The sessions target are open to men, OPM noted.

The document, which includes information for agencies to use in planning, conducting and evaluating such events, is at https://chcoc.gov/sites/default/files/EWIM-Toolkit.pdf

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