Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has issued recommendations and specific instructions to agencies for producing their human capital operational plans for fiscal 2022-2026 which are due June 3, adding that the plans “may be updated on an annual basis to share agencies’ best practices and lessons learned, and to address changes in a highly dynamic operating environment.”

“The HCOP is an important tool in aligning agency strategic goals to human capital requirements, as well as the agency strategic plan and annual performance Plan,” OPM said in a memo.


The guidance covers topics including assessing how the agency currently conducts strategic and human capital planning; setting goals, strategies, action items and evaluation; how the HCOP will support specific strategic goals; implementing the plan; and measuring results.

OPM also has issued guidance to agencies on implementing position classification and qualifications standards for the Data Sciences job series 1560, as required by the 2018 Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act.

“The Data Scientist series covers professional positions which primarily involve work related to identifying the methods, processes, algorithms, tools, and systems to extract and interpret findings from varied structured and unstructured data sets related to the data science lifecycle. Work also involves the use of data visualization techniques to articulate findings,” OPM said.

Agencies must apply the data scientist position classification flysheet to covered positions within 12 months of the date of issuance, OPM said, adding that they will still have the flexibility to will to use a parenthetical of Data Scientist along with the occupational title for positions in other occupational fields that perform data science work as a major portion of the job.

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