Federal Manager's Daily Report

In what amounts to a guide to the changing nature of federal government work, OPM has announced plans to eliminate some 40 job classification series.

“Position and job classification standards encourage uniformity and equity in the classification of positions by providing an established standard for common reference and use in different organizations, locations, or agencies. As part of our role we routinely review the use of occupational series throughout the federal government,” OPM said in a memo.

The latest review resulted, it said, in a recommendation to cancel series that “have approximately 25 or fewer incumbents government-wide, and the work covered can be classified to other existing occupational series. We are not proposing to cancel occupational series whose work is so specialized that it is not classifiable to any other series or which have individual occupational qualification requirements,” it added.

Among white-collar occupations, the list includes series for coding, office drafting, language clerical, music, theater and art specialists and photographic technology. Among blue-collar occupations, the list includes plastering, motion picture projection, negative engraving, farming, kitchen and bakery equipment repair, and bartending.

In some cases, the government still has a need for such skills but obtains them by contract.

OPM is soliciting comments through January 6 on those series and is further accepting suggestions for other series to be added to the list.