Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has imposed new time to hire reporting requirements that it says will help agencies “better pinpoint successful practices and account for vulnerabilities beyond their control.”

The reports on fiscal 2019, due from agencies by March 20, are to include data on all hiring, not just for jobs posted on USAJOBS. Agencies also are to report time to hire from the time the manager validates the need until the tentative offer is accepted and until entrance on duty.


“These two changes are largely based on feedback that we received from agencies during the human capital reviews and other stakeholder feedback,” OPM said in a memo, which includes the reporting form and instructions as an attachment.

Tracking time to hire for all hires “should have a positive impact for those agencies who are taking full advantage of hiring flexibilities, such as direct hire authority, shared certificates, and other available resources,” it said, while breaking out the time spent in various steps will give a better picture of where the delays lie.

OPM and individual agencies have tried to speed the much-criticized length of the process for many years. The most recent data on time to hire from validation of a need to hire to entrance on duty shows an average of 98 days in fiscal 2018, compared with 106, 106 and 100 the three prior years.