Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has revised its policies for certifying HR practitioners involved in hiring, in the process replacing its former online “delegated examining recertification” course.

Although OPM is ultimately responsible for competitive hiring, for many years the examination of applicants has been done by individual agencies in so-called delegated examining units. “Together, OPM and federal agencies have a vested interest in training employees who can perform examining functions well and in a manner that is defensible. To do that, they must be fully knowledgeable about competitive examining procedures and requirements,” a memo said.


Federal (and contractor) employees with a current certification in examining job candidates will retain their certification through its expiration date.

The recertification assessment will test knowledge and application of delegated examining concepts, rules, and process steps; it will be web-based and administered in a proctored (in-person) setting at independent testing facilities. Registration will be at https://DE.usalearning.gov.

A new delegated examining certification program guide with recommended preparation activities to prepare HR practitioners for the assessment has been issued as an attachment to the memo. “Training is a big part of preparation and OPM strongly encourages HR practitioners to participate in classroom and on-the-job training in delegated examining,” it said.

It said the goal is to make HR specialists who involved in examining “fully knowledgeable about competitive examining procedures and enable them to provide able candidates to federal hiring managers to promote the hiring and retention of the right talent to meet agencies’ missions.”