Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has begun a government-wide occupational study of program evaluation work involving surveying employees involved in such work and their supervisors asking them to rate the competencies and tasks required.

Employees identified by their agencies as performing program evaluation work, and/or in the management and program analysis series, GS-0343, will receive an email to complete a job analysis survey and also will receive an email to forward to their supervisor to complete a supervisory survey, a memo to agencies says. The surveys also will ask some other information such as years of federal employment.


The surveys are being sent under the 2018 Evidence-Based Policymaking Act which requires OPM to identify key skills and competencies needed for program evaluation in an agency; establish a new occupational series, or update and improve an existing occupational series, for program evaluation within an agency; and establish a new career path for program evaluation within an agency.

OMB guidance under that law further tells agencies to better track and build the program evaluation workforce, the memo adds. “Agencies may use these program evaluation competencies to select, assess, and train program evaluation talent,” it says.

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