Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management has issued a memorandum for personnel directors detailing a new Nature of Action code 817 designed to help standardize payroll reporting and simplify the use of the federal student loan repayment program.


OPM says the new code will standardize the process of filling out the Dynamics file in each employee’s Central Personnel Data File.

An NOA code 817 is required each fiscal year for each employee getting loan benefits, and is due upon the initial authorization of loan benefits, and in subsequent fiscal years for which benefits are to be paid. (An NOA code 817 is not due for a subsequent fiscal year in which benefits are not authorized, even if that employee has not fulfilled the service required for participating in the program, says OPM.)

Personnel directors are instructed to enter the benefit amount to be paid that fiscal year in the Award Amount field, to disregard the Legal Authority field, and to not process an SF-50 for the NOA code 817, but only a CPDF record.

Questions about the new CPDF reporting requirements can be directed to Randall Matke at 202-606-1203. The memorandum is available online.