Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has told agencies to review occupational series to determine whether educational requirements are a necessity for the position, following the recently issued executive order downplaying the role of such requirements in the hiring process.

It said that as directed in that order, it is “updating general schedule qualifications policy so that candidates will now be able to qualify for employment on the basis of competency-based assessments when there are no legal educational requirements to perform a job.”


“While many agencies already use skills and competency-based assessments once a list of certified candidates is developed currently, education and experience are the most common considerations when putting together a list of certified candidates. Upon implementation of the EO 13932, agencies must use assessments at the pre-certification stage as a third, and co-equal, mode of establishing minimum qualification (in addition to education and experience),” it said in a memo.

The memo includes a list of some 120 occupational series for review by HR personnel and subject matter experts, some of which require a degree while others require a combination of education or training and experience. Suggested changes and comments representing the agency’s overall views, and representative comments from subject matter experts and subordinate organizations, are to be returned to OPM by October 16.

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