Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has said that it will conduct an evaluation next spring of how agencies monitor and assess their HR programs, saying that “having a viable evaluation system is critical to agency success, as measuring the impact of human capital management on mission accomplishment is paramount to maximizing organizational performance.”

A memo noted that when OPM conducted the prior review in fiscal 2019, it provided agencies with “an assessment of the maturity level achieved by their agency for each standard and identified next steps to take the evaluation system to the next level of maturity. The upcoming assessments will be used to update your agencies’ evaluation system maturity levels.”


OPM said it also will make “recommendations to address continuing challenges, and work with agencies on making further improvements. We plan to recognize agencies that have made substantial evaluation system improvements since our baseline assessment. Our findings also will be used in the planning of the Human Capital Reviews OPM will hold with agencies in FY2023.”

In separate memos, OPM meanwhile: told agencies to report by year’s end on their use during fiscal 2021 of a special hiring authority for spouses of military personnel as well as the actions they took to publicize the program; and expanded the emergency leave-sharing program related to Hurricane Ida to include counties in eastern Pennsylvania.

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