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OPM reports that it expects to receive over 70 million visits

to its job posting website in 2004. There are some drawbacks


to receiving this much traffic. If you’re agency or

organization wishes to fill a position with a qualified

candidate then your job announcement will need to stand out.

If your posting is just one of thousands looking for an

equally qualified candidate, it could get lost in the crowd.

If you want to have the maximum amount of exposure that

reaches over one million federal employees, many with the

security clearances you are look for, then you should

contact our job posting team members at

fedweek.com and visit FEDweek’s new

Job Bulletin board at sparklist.com.

Here’s where you can post your hard to fill positions,

maximize your exposure and have always have a guaranteed


This is by far the best way to reach the qualified candidates

(many of whom are veterans) We encourage both federal agencies

and private sector companies to post their job announcements

on FEDweek’s new Job Bulletin Board.

For more information about this opportunity email our staff at


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