Federal Manager's Daily Report

Officials say expanded training role will help it refine offerings.

OPM will take over much of DoD’s employee training functions, under an agreement between the two designed to consolidate the scattered and sometimes duplicative training DoD traditionally has used.

The shift to OPM’s USALearning system, which has been designated as a best in class shared services center, will among other things result in creating a common course catalog and a database tracking what training employees have received—which will in turn suggest opportunities for additional training for career developemnt. Employees who change jobs or agencies meanwhile will benefit by not having to repeat training they already received but that under the current arrangement may not be credited to them by their new office, officials said.


About two dozen agencies currently use USALearning on a fee-for-service basis for training on matters such as ethics and sexual harassment.

Officials said that adding such a large pool of employees to the system also will help OPM better understand training needs and trends in the federal workforce in general, which will be used to refine the training offerings.