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When issuing contracts, agencies are to assess the potential “negative impact of contractors’ and subcontractors’ temporary foreign labor hiring practices or offshoring practices on the economy and efficiency of federal procurement and on the national security,” under a new executive order.

“It is the policy of the executive branch to create opportunities for United States workers to compete for jobs, including jobs created through federal contracts. These opportunities, particularly in regions where the federal government remains the largest employer, are especially critical during the economic dislocation caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” it says.


It orders agencies to assess:

* their compliance with law and prior executive orders regarding citizenship requirements for federal employment;

* whether contractors or subcontractors in contracts issued in 2018 and 2019 “used temporary foreign labor for contracts performed in the United States, and, if so, the nature of the work performed by temporary foreign labor on such contracts; whether opportunities for United States workers were affected by such hiring; and any potential effects on the national security caused by such hiring”; and

* “whether contractors (including subcontractors)  performed in foreign countries services previously performed in the United States, and, if so, whether opportunities for United States workers were affected by such offshoring”;

Agencies are to report to OMB on the results of those assessments within 120 days, including “recommending, if necessary, corrective actions that may be taken by the agency and timeframes to implement such actions; and proposing any Presidential actions that may be appropriate.”

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