Federal Manager's Daily Report

Both the management and the labor side of the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations have expressed regret, although not surprise, at the council’s demise.

President Trump issued an executive order abolishing the council, which President Obama had created, much as President Bush did with a similar one established by President Clinton. Many in the labor community had expected Trump to take that action almost immediately on taking office, as Bush had. However, the council held no meetings during the current administration after meeting roughly every other month under Obama.

“The council provided the chance to learn from others who have found success through labor-management discussions. Additionally, simply having the time together helped each of the organizations on the council to better understand our colleagues and the challenges their departments and agencies face,” the Federal Managers Association said.

The NTEU union meanwhile said the council was “a way to keep an open, healthy dialogue between government leaders and the non-partisan civil servants in the workforce.” The AFGE union similarly said the order “takes away a valuable resource for labor managers and directors of federal agencies to start a dialogue and work through problems.”

Both further noted that the order does not overturn existing collective bargaining agreements.