Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Special Counsel says it has confirmed a whistleblower’s allegations about “serious process deficiencies” in the EPA’s handling of EEO complaints, issuing a report to the White House and Congress.

It said the investigation—conducted by the EPA after the OSC referred the complaint there—found that since at least fiscal year 2011, the EPA’s office of civil rights failed to issue final agency decisions within the 60-day timeframe specified in EEOC regulations, taking an average of 491 days.


The investigation concluded that there were systemic process issues concerning the drafting, reviewing, and issuance of decisions, it said.

“By allowing a highly inefficient process to remain uncorrected over a period of at least six years, while thereby adversely affecting the statutory and due process rights of EPA employees, OCR has engaged in management inaction that has a deleterious effect on its ability to accomplish its mission,” the OSC said.