Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management has sent out guidance

on eligibility for overtime pay for “standby” duty required


when federal employees may be restricted to their agency’s

premises for periods extending beyond their normal working

hours-a not-uncommon requirement for agencies to impose on

managers in severe weather or other emergency situations.

In general, OPM said, employees are entitled for additional

pay for extended hours only when the employee is restricted

to an agency’s premises, or so close to them that the

employee’s time may not be used effectively for his or her

own purposes, and the employee is required to remain in a

state of readiness to perform work. If an employee is

actually on duty for a 24-hour shift and meets the

requirements in OPM’s regulations for standby duty pay, he

or she is entitled to receive pay for at least 16 hours (8

hours of basic pay and 8 hours of overtime pay) of the

24-hour shift.

The rules on standby duty are in 5 CFR