Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved several management-related bills, advancing them to the full House:

* HR-6004, authorizing large agencies to establish an IT system modernization and working capital fund; and authorizing a centralized IT modernization fund in the Treasury to be overseen by OMB for which agencies may apply to obtain funds.

* HR-2532, allowing agencies to retain up to 10 percent of savings resulting from actions taken in response to employee disclosures of fraud, waste or mismanagement and to pay cash awards to those employees; the remainder would be returned to the Treasury for deficit reduction.

* HR-5790, strengthening whistleblower protections for FBI employees, including by broadening the categories of officials who can receive a protected disclosure, adding new prohibitions against retaliation, and revamping how complaints alleging reprisal are handled.

* HR-3779, restricting the use of Social Security numbers on any agency document sent by mail; HR-5625, putting into law a recent GSA rules change allowing traveling federal employees to be reimbursed for using ride-sharing services under certain conditions; and HR-5995, giving GAO permanent authority to hear protests of civilian task and delivery orders valued above $10 million.