Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House Veterans Affairs Committee has approved HR-6066 to enhance the tracking of VA medical care providers’ productivity, saying it will enable VA to better evaluate and account for provider workload and the availability of clinical services to veterans.

Recent analyses have called into question how well tracks provider productivity, the committee said in a summary of the measure. It cited a 2015 independent assessment finding that VA specialty providers are less productive than their private sector counterparts on standard industry measures including “relative value units,” or RVUs, which takes into account the time, technical skill, mental effort and stress needed for a clinician to provide a given service.

Similarly, it said, a 2017 GAO report found that the VA lacks complete and accurate information on clinical productivity and efficiency, “meaning it cannot ensure that low productivity and clinical inefficiencies are addressed at individual VA medical facilities.”

The bill would require the VA to: track RVUs for all providers and to ensure they attend training on clinical procedure coding; establish RVU-based performance standards to evaluate clinical productivity at the provider and facility level; and create remediation plans to address low productivity and inefficiency.