Federal Manager's Daily Report

Each agency would have to conduct annual employee surveys including questions about employee satisfaction with leadership and management practices and the work environment there, under a bill approved by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The bill, HR-3244, would supplement the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey with additional agency-specific data in areas that have proven to be common sore points for employees in the FEVS. For example, that survey consistently shows that employee opinions of agency management decline with each higher level.

Those surveys also would have to include questions on topics that have reflected significant dissatisfaction in the FEVS–rewards and recognition for personal accomplishment and opportunity for professional development and growth. OPM would provide standard questions for all agencies to use, and individual agencies could supplement them with agency-specific questions.

Further, agencies would have to post results on their public websites unless there would be a national security concern. Individual responses would be kept confidential, however.