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The Partnership for Public Service has issued a guide to government leadership, identifying the four most essential competencies as becoming self-aware, engaging others, leading change and achieving results. It said that:

* Self-awareness “is an anchor, enabling leaders to stay true to themselves and perform at their highest levels in service to the American public” and requires self-reflection, emotional intelligence, integrity and continuous learning.


* Engaging others creates a “foundation for collaboration within and across federal agencies” and involves relationship building, empowering others, conflict management, collaboration, and “building teams that are inclusive, representative of the American public and respectful of each person’s differences.”

* Leading change means ”initiating, sponsoring and implementing innovative solutions” and involves vision-setting, persuading others, innovation and creativity, embracing risk and uncertainty, and adaptability.

* Achieving results means “managing skillfully, thinking strategically and making good decisions” and involves accountability, evidence-based decision making, systems thinking, tech savviness and acting with internal and external customers in mind.

“Leaders can use the model as a guide to steer their growth and make decisions at different stages of their careers. Agencies can use the model as a standard for building and measuring overall leadership effectiveness,” it said. The model includes specialized information pertinent to emerging leaders, leaders of teams of projects, leaders of leaders and leaders of organizations.