Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Partnership for Public Service has offered a series of brief tips on improving employee engagement, saying that employees are more engaged if they “can see that their skills and talents are used effectively and understand how their roles help advance their organization’s mission.”

A posting suggests to:

“Prioritize employees’ professional development. Supervisors who prioritize their employees’ professional development create a better work environment. Employees have room to grow, learn new skills and apply those new skills on the job.

“Work with your employees to identify growth opportunities to aid them in improving their skills and advancing in their careers. Encourage them to participate in professional development opportunities such as shadowing programs, rotational assignments and training courses.”

“Recognize employees’ achievements. Showing appreciation for employees lets them know their work matters, and that they are valued. As each employee will have a different preference for how to be recognized, discuss with them how they would like to be praised.

“Commend people in a timely fashion and make sure your words and actions match their level of effort and the impact of their work. Examples include: Writing a thank you note or giving a small gift. Sharing an employee’s impact and hard work at a team meeting. Providing an opportunity for advancement or increased level of responsibility, the highest form of praise.”\

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