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The current environment requires that federal agencies think strategically and use virtual tools in their recruitment and hiring actions, says a posting by the Partnership for Public Service.

The nonprofit said that in virtual roundtables it conducted recently with officials from OPM, GSA and other agencies, participants recommended that agencies “consider the type of candidates you’d like to reach, and the hiring authorities in your toolbox. Are you looking for short-term employees, or to grow talent for the future? For hiring experienced people for the short term, consider the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Schedule A hiring authority, the Intergovernmental Personnel Act authority, and the U.S. Digital Service and [GSA’s] 18F, both of which provide access to specialized talent.”


Other potential sources of candidates, it said, include returning Peace Corps volunteers and Presidential Management Fellows, the special appointment authority for military spouses and the “Schedule A” authority for those with certain disabilities.

For recruiting actions, recommendations included looking within the government, for example by posting for short-term or project-based on the Open Opportunities section of usajobs.gov; seeking referrals from current and former employees; using online career sites; and connecting with colleges and universities to arrange virtual discussions with prospective candidates.

“No matter how you find applicants, focus on your agency’s unique and important mission, and the effect people could have by becoming civil servants. Share success stories and case studies of innovative federal employees to highlight how applicants’ experiences and skills are vital to increasing the effectiveness of the federal government,” it said.

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