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Federal agencies have a wide range of hiring flexibilities available to them, but choosing and using the right one for a given situation can be a challenge, says a blog post from the Partnership for Public Service.

It notes that there are more than 100 such authorities—some limited to certain agencies and/or occupations—and that one of the most widely-used, direct hire, exists in multiple forms. Picking the right hiring mechanism “can be challenging, especially if your agency has not previously used a particular authority,” it said. It offered tips including (in its words):


*  It is likely that some offices at your agency already use these time-tested authorities to solve hiring challenges. We recommend that you try to partner with that office to develop your own hiring program. Building on existing programs—as opposed to launching new ones—is often more efficient and reliable, and saves taxpayer dollars.

*  If you are new to hiring in the federal government, we recommend that you start by asking your chief human capital officer about the hiring programs that work well. Be sure to ask questions like, “How is the agency satisfying its largest hiring needs outside the Washington, D.C., area?” and “Which agencies have recently led a hiring turnaround and are looking for a federal HR partner like you to expand the program?”

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