Federal Manager's Daily Report

The newly issued President’s Management Agenda reflects several good-government approaches that have been long under consideration, the Partnership for Public Service and the Senior Executives Association have said.

The agenda focuses on issues such as improving customer service, increasing sharing of services among agencies, streamlined hiring, interagency cooperation and revisiting the 40 year old Civil Service Reform Act that underpins federal personnel law.

“Our government must function in ways that serve the 21st century needs of the American public. The President’s Management Agenda will be critical to the success of his administration given the mounting and complex challenges facing our government, the speed with which change is taking place and the need to govern effectively. I applaud the president for prioritizing the federal workforce, IT modernization, and data and transparency as the three drivers to transform how our government operates,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership.

Said SEA president Bill Valdez, “As the PMA makes clear, the federal government needs to break down silos, modernize business processes, and build a 21st Century workforce that is responsive to the disruptive challenges our nation is facing. The PMA rightly identifies many of the impediments our federal government confronts on a daily basis, while also correctly recognizing that the necessary solutions will require long-term commitment.”

Both added that successful implementation will require collaboration and cooperation between Congress and the White House and the involvement of career employees.