Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has updated its Performance Appraisal Assessment Tool, a voluntary self-assessment tool available to agencies to evaluate appraisal programs that cover GS, wage grade and other employees.

“By completing the tool, agencies are able to identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies and plans necessary to support effective performance management within the agency,” OPM said in the memo.


The revisions comply with the President’s Management Agenda’s emphasis on improving employee performance management and engagement and are designed to “help agencies efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of their performance appraisal programs while verifying that the program is operating in accordance with OPM performance management regulations,” it said.

Features include (in the memo’s words):
* A focus on criteria and indicators of effective performance management, including a greater emphasis on the delivery of informal and formal performance feedback, and supervisory accountability for the performance management of subordinate employees and the protection of whistleblowers.
* A streamlined questionnaire covering general program information; program design; and program implementation, application and evaluation.
* A revised assessment derivation that provides clear direction to agencies enabling them to continue effective practices; consider and incorporate, as appropriate, recommended improvements; or make required changes.

Instructions for accessing the tool are in the memo at www.chcoc.gov/transmittals.