Federal Manager's Daily Report

The performance.gov site has highlighted recent initiatives for improving customer experience, an element of the Trump administration President’s Management Agenda that will ultimately be overtaken by the Biden administration’s own management agenda.

A newly created section of the site, which itself will be revamped, reports that in the more than 2 million completed customer feedback surveys collected in the first half of fiscal 2020, the overall average score of 4.33 out of 5 compares positively to the 4.25 benchmark commonly used in industry.


Other observations included that “ease of completing a service online and Efficiency, or amount of time to do so, both strongly correlate to satisfaction and trust in websites and services completed online”; and that satisfaction with dealing with agency employees overall rated the highest among all factors, although ratings were higher for in-person services—such as in VA outpatient care settings—than for call center interactions, which “are presently more transactional and less personal.”

Also highlighted was a customer experience development program in which takeaways included the importance of engagement by leadership and that “building relationships with stakeholders, project framing and communicating opportunities can be essential to paving the way for doing external customer research.”

Another cited lessons including that lack of staff with a background in customer experience continues to be a barrier, “particularly in areas around design and product development,” and that agencies are finding that a “place to start improving the experience of their customers by tackling pain points felt by their employees.”

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