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A posting on performance.gov directs attention to three strategies for improving customer service by federal agencies: identify and address the key drivers of customer-satisfaction; testing to evaluate the response to changes; and using  evidence-based insights.

Key drivers of satisfaction, it said, include  ease of the interaction from the customer’s point of view; transparency in communication; and employee warmth and helpfulness during a customer interaction.


Testing different versions of a message or process through methods such as comparing survey completion and email engagement provides “can help identify the key drivers of satisfaction in a particular program. Then, behavioral insights can be mapped directly to these drivers,” it says.

Evidence-based insights, it said, can include creating “journey maps” that identify what drives tendencies at key decision points in the customer’s experience. “These maps help agencies prioritize which insights to apply, and are also used to identify the areas where applying behavioral insights may not be effective,” it says.

It adds: “It’s easy to lose sight of individual challenges and realities when designing and implementing large scale federal services and programs. Uniting expertise in customer experience, evidence-based insights about human behavior, and rapid and rigorous evaluations can help bring these interactions and people back into focus.”

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