Federal Manager's Daily Report

A posting on performance.gov has recommended a seven-step process for agency strategic planning,  saying that “while each federal agency approaches strategic planning a little differently and there is not a single best approach, a sound strategic planning process includes” those steps. They are:

* an “environmental scan,” to identify and monitor factors that may impact the long-term direction of the agency such as the administration’s priorities and potential new regulations;
* an internal analysis, including a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats assessment and a comparison their operations with the administration priorities;
* setting a strategic direction to “determine what is actually achievable and what the agency should strive for”;
* setting focused goals and objectives using “existing processes like staff engagement, communities of practice, and quarterly reviews to get buy-in from across the agency”;
* determining the responsible offices and bureaus for each goal, identifying needed resources, creating actionable timeframes and defining measures of success;
* issuing a written plan “that captures the voice and purpose of the agency”; and
* having a formal system for leadership and staff to annually review the plan and update goals and objectives as needed.


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