Federal Manager's Daily Report

Several aspects of personnel management are among the management challenges facing the Justice Department, along with operational issues such as cybersecurity and dealing with prison overcrowding, an IG report has said.

“The department continues to face challenges in holding all of its senior officials to the highest standards of ethical conduct and must ensure the consequences of wrongdoing are clearly understood,” said the report. It cited problems including documented favoritism in hiring in several components; retaliation against whistleblowers; and professional misconduct.

Also challenging is carrying out the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act and its requirement that agencies establish priorities, conduct quarterly data-driven reviews to measure performance, and use Performance.gov as a vehicle to report the information to the public, it said.

The potential for mismanagement and misuse of funds was another area highlighted, citing reports focusing on extended temporary duty travel, excessive purchases of equipment that was little used, and funds spent on contracts and grants. One bright spot, it said, has been a reduction in spending on conferences.