Federal Manager's Daily Report

Legislation (HR-3000) newly offered in the House aims to carry out numerous recommendations of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service’s report issued last year.

According to a summary by sponsors, the “Inspire to Serve” Act would; promote civic education and public awareness of all forms of service; advance military, national, and public service through a series of improved personnel practices, structures, grant programs, fellowships, demonstration projects, resource allocations, and benefit programs; streamline and modernize outdated processes to make service more accessible; strengthen mobilization for any future public health crisis, natural disaster, or other national emergency; and ensure a more inclusive and diverse national security workforce.


Also introduced were S-1330, to promote reskilling of current federal employees for occupations in which the government has difficulty filling positions; and HR-2064, a bipartisan bill to expand authority of the Justice Department IG to investigate alleged misconduct by the department’s attorneys.

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