Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has revised for the first time since 1993 Circular A-45, which sets policies for agencies in establishing and administering rental rates and other charges for government rental housing for use by federal employees and contractor personnel.

“Assignment to government housing is not a right or a benefit of government employment; assignment to housing is never guaranteed. At all times, the government reserves the right to manage its housing in whatever way it deems necessary to meet mission requirements and to rely on the private market to meet employee housing needs to the maximum extent possible,” it says.


It adds: “Employees have a responsibility to inform themselves of all the conditions that prevail in and near the housing and duty stations to which they might be assigned before accepting transfer to or employment at such duty stations. Employees also have a responsibility to inform themselves of the provisions of this circular, and to understand that rental charges will be periodically adjusted to reflect rental changes in the private rental market. Therefore, future rental rates can be different than the charges at assignment. Employees are responsible for paying for all appliances, furnishings, utilities and services provided by the agency at the housing site. Rent payments from employee tenants will be remitted via payroll deduction.”

The circular also covers policies for new construction of federally owned housing.