Federal Manager's Daily Report

Included in the postal reform bill is the Federal Real Property Asset Management Reform Act of 2013, which would require agencies to maintain accurate inventories of real property and develop workforce projections in regard to real property usage.

The bill would also require agencies to continuously assess properties they control to identify excess or underused spaces suitable for colocation or consolidation with other agencies; establish goals to reduce excess or underutilized property; assess leased space to identify space that is not fully used or occupied; and conduct an inventory and make an assessment of real property under the control of the agency on an annual basis.


The bill would further establish a Federal Real Property Council to develop guidance and ensure implementation of an efficient and effective real property management strategy, identify opportunities to better manage real property assets, and reduce the costs of managing real property.

OMB would be required under the bill to pilot a program to dispose of any surplus property by sale, transfer, or other means of disposal.

The language is one of numerous legislative proposals and executive initiatives on the same topic attempted in recent years.