Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service has put its earlier announced plans to consolidate more processing facilities on indefinite hold, as it approaches the end of the latest in a series of delays.

USPS in 2013 closed nearly 100 facilities as part of a consolidation, reducing the number to about 320. It had planned to target about 70 more starting the following year but delayed those plans several times in the face of opposition from employee unions concerned about job losses and from some members of Congress also concerned about that impact, as well as slowed delivery.


The latest delay, specified as for one year, was announced last May.

In response to a letter from a group of House members, USPS said that “at this time, consolidation activities remain in a deferred status. Prior to resumption of these activities, the Postal Service will update and review the Area Mail Processing feasibility studies using the most recent available data.” Such a review process could take some time even once started.

USPS meanwhile again urged Congress to enact postal reform legislation, versions of which have stalled on Capitol Hill year after year. The current version would impose a two-year moratorium on closing processing facilities, among many other provisions.