Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service IG says its blog has proven to be valuable as “a driving force in our engagement with stakeholders” about the office’s work and about the broader issues affecting the postal agency.

Since starting the blog 10 years and more than 500 postings ago, the IG has spread its social media presence onto other platforms, but the “Pushing the Envelope” blog remains central because it provides “a quick, accessible overview of an audit report, white paper, or current event, and then solicits comments from stakeholders. The comments often provide insights and ideas for future work, or even areas where our office of investigations needs to get involved.”


“We don’t measure a blog’s success solely by the number of comments it gets, as the blog provides content for our other social media platforms. A seemingly quiet blog topic can explode on Facebook or Twitter. But comments are a pretty good indicator of a blog’s popularity,” it added.

Among the postings that received the greatest response, it said, were ones on the customer experience with USPS, an invitation to submit ideas to improve the agency, and on the rare “Inverted Jenny” stamp.