Postal IG Highlights Recommendations Still Pending

The Postal Service IG has launched a site collating audit recommendations since fiscal 2013, saying there are 253 open recommendations that if implemented would yield nearly $2.9 billion in savings.

The Postal Service IG’s new “Recommendation Dashboard” lists some 1,500 recommendations in that period along with the report title, date, number, status, financial value, recommendation number/narrative, and management’s response. Similar information previously was in its semiannual reports but the online version makes it more accessible, the IG said.

“Stakeholder engagement is important to use because it reflects our goals of integrity, transparency, and accountability. This new dashboard is one more effort to keep stakeholders informed,” an announcement said.

Members of Congress have turned increasing attention in recent times to follow-up—or the lack of it—by agency management to recommendations by agency IGs and the GAO. A report last year by the heads of the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees said that government-wide, more than 15,000 IG recommendations with a total value of $87 billion are outstanding.

GAO has a similar recommendations tracking feature on its site. Last year it reported some 4,800 outstanding recommendations of its own involving just the 24 largest departments and agencies.