Postal IG Praises ‘Extraordinary’ Employee Efforts Following Disasters

The Postal Service IG has praised the “extraordinary efforts” of postal employees in response to this year’s series of hurricanes, the wildfires in California and an extended winter in much of the West, saying the agency’s contingency planning for severe weather “is quite good.”

“No less noticed is the human response. Sometimes after a storm, a postal worker is the first direct contact a citizen has with another person,” it said in a recent posting.

“The resumption of mail delivery to a disaster-affected area is often a welcome event in recovery, especially when people are without power and phone service. Mail delivery allows for the exchange of information, not to mention relief checks and government services, and can even provide a small feeling of a return to normalcy,” it said.

“Postal employees are often dealing with disasters in their own homes, yet show up faithfully for work. Just look at the many employees who were personally affected by the recent hurricanes and wildfires,” it added.