Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service IG has raised concerns about management of the Voyager credit cards the agency uses to pay for fuel, oil and routine maintenance of more than 227,000 vehicles, flagging as high risk and in need of reconciliation some $3.5 million of $67 million charged in an audit of one operating area.

“With so many cards in circulation, potential for misuse or abuse is a concern,” a report said. The issuing bank monitors transactions for potential fraud and postal site managers are responsible for reconciling transactions identified as high-risk, such as purchases that exceed a fuel spending limit.


However, controls in the audited area “weren’t always effective and site managers didn’t properly perform Voyager Fleet card reconciliations for over half of the randomly selected high-risk transactions we reviewed. We also found missing fleet cards at almost a quarter of sites selected and problems around Personal Identification Number (PIN) assignments as well as improper sharing of PINs,” it said.

The IG said it made some referrals to its office of investigations.