Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Postal Service is not conducting all the required safety checks on its underground fuel storage tanks and some of those conducting the tests are not certified to the level required, the IG there has reported.

As of the time of the review last year, the Postal Service had 145 active underground storage tanks to store fuel for generators and vehicles, plus another 35 inactive tanks. In a sample of 45, though, the IG said that operators had not conducted monthly inspections on 28.


Further, “Inspections were not consistently conducted in accordance with policy due to a lack of oversight in the current process. Annual refresher training was not at 100 percent compliance because there is not a validation mechanism to ensure all required training is completed.”

“When inspections are not conducted as required, there is an increased risk that equipment problems will not be detected timely and, therefore, not receive maintenance attention before escalating into more serious issues,” it said.